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With your help, someone fighting breast cancer can get emergency financial assistance – often within 48 hours! Because we’re the first and only Bay Area organization that focuses on the financial impact of a breast cancer diagnosis, BCEF is often where people turn when they are in greatest needs. Thanks to you, BCEF makes a difference in the lives of people battling breast cancer.


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Breast Cancer Emergency Fund


Eight years ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer it never occurred to me that my biggest fight would be to stay in my apartment and maintain medical care. Luckily, I found BCEF. Instantly, I had a team behind me.


In 2012 when I was finally getting back on my feet, I was diagnosed for a second time. Once again I turned to BCEF and to you. YOU made sure I stayed in my apartment and could fill prescriptions. I vowed that when I beat breast cancer again, I would give back to BCEF. This is why I am so proud to be healthy, back on my feet and working again.


The first charitable gift I made this year was to BCEF. As a Realtor,® I direct a portion of each sale to BCEF because I know what it’s like to be woman battling breast cancer. And I know that BCEF’s support enabled me to focus on getting healthy instead of paying the bills. I am also very proud to work at a company committed to our community. When the team at my brokerage, Vanguard Properties, heard about my gift to BCEF, they immediately matched it — and we doubled our donation to help more women in need.
Ilana Minkoff,
Vanguard Properties


“I know my small gift will make a real difference in someone’s life. I trust BCEF to be fiscally responsible with my gifts and make sure that the money will directly support someone in need with a minimum overhead. Today, that’s more important than ever.”


Leslie Ewing, BCEF Founder & Monthly Sustainer

Why Get Involved

100% of individual donations benefit BCEF clients. BCEF maintains an extremely low overhead to maximize dollars out the door for clients.


Donations often provide immediate relief – within 2-3 days – to families in crisis. Only BCEF provides this quick turnaround of emergency assistance.


BCEF keeps families together. BCEF helps a woman focus on her health and recovery knowing that her family is also cared for.


We’re the only organization of our kind in the Bay Area – the only way to get immediate help to where it’s needed most! BCEF has never denied a qualified applicant nor created a waiting list for assistance.