• Aida Cervantes:
    Welcome Relief

    “I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet during treatment. BCEF provided the relief I needed to get me through.”
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  • Trish Douglass:
    Peace of Mind

    “I was behind on my bills, and BCEF gave me peace of mind. I could focus on my treatment without stressing about my financial situation.”
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  • Ida Shen:
    Nick of Time

    “I needed emergency dentaI care right before I was scheduled for surgery. BCEF stepped in and helped me immediately. It meant so much to have help in that moment.”
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  • Janet Chevalier:
    Vital Connections

    “BCEF has been there in my time of greatest need. They helped me keep my head above water when I didn’t feel like I could do it alone.”
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What We Believe

Everyone undergoing breast cancer treatment should be able to focus on what’s important.


BCEF works closely with each client…


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What We Believe
By the Numbers

100% the amount from individual donations that goes directly to our clients.
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